Saturday, February 28, 2009


Not everyone knows, but J-BAR-H got it's start with a hotdog job for 2500 6 years ago. Since then we have literally cooked and served tens of thousands of hotdogs to happy customers. While we are known for our Backyard BBQ's, Fundraisers, Church Catering, Corporate Catering and Picnics, we do hotdogs better than anyone else. Why? Because we care. We think that hot dogs can be good, and served with style and flair.

Just because our client is having a casual affair, doesn't mean that we can step back from our values. J-BAR-H is very intentional about every single thing we do. From the way we cut our pickles for our BBQ's, to the lettuce we use for our salads to the way we cook a hot dog; no detail is to small to be important. While we are known for affordable catering, we have never had a job where someone didn't come up and say that was the best fajita, brisket, steak, hotdog or turkey sandwich that they ever had. That doesn't happen on accident.

Today we had a chance to cook hotdogs for David Weekly Homes and their awesome customers. They were showing their appreciation to their current owners and future prospects. What better way than a picnic? J-BAR-H only uses all beef dogs and grills them onsite, adding atmosphere and freshness. We brought out our special chili and everyone had a good time. Adding to the fun was the Big Tex Jumpy thing that the kids really enjoyed.

Kind of got me thinking that the hotdog seems to be the poster child (culinarily speaking) for the current economic situation. While J-BAR-H is not participating in the recession, we can still bring food and fun for our customers at any price point for any situation. With families and companies cutting back in all areas, sometimes it is important to stop and enjoy fellowship with those around us. Don't let the newspaper get you down. No situation is too bad that you can't stop and share a hotdog, and a smile...

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  1. I think this is GREAT and very well put, the best line in the WHOLE thing : While J-Bar-H is not participating in the recession....
    Great Job!