Saturday, January 17, 2009


I think it is a reasonable statement to make that Texas is known for brisket. Brisket IS Texas barbecue and no one does it like Texans, right? Right. (As a shameless plug, it is a natural extension to say that no one does Texas Brisket like J-BAR-H Texas Catering, and certainly none better.)

BUT, and this is a HUGE but, don't make the mistake of saying that Texans make THE BEST brisket, especially if there is a Jew within earshot! I made this assertion on a national catering forum and let me tell you...the retribution was swift, harsh and unrelenting. I was dog-piled by a number of good natured people informing me that the Jews were making brisket thousands of years before Texans even learned to speak English. GENERATIONS of people were thrown at me to make this point, and like the true cowboy I am, I stuck to my guns...for a time. But like the great cowboy poet once said, you've got to know when to hold 'em and know when to fold 'em.

So, this week, out of respect for the East Coast Mavens, I will be experimenting with Jewish Brisket. If for no other reason than to make an informed decision. Regardless of the outcome, the results will not be posted here NOR will they ever be discussed outside of private conversations with my castigators. (Where is Kinky Freidman when I need him?) I do have my pride, even if it is a tattered remnant of what it once was, I wear it like a sarape, a banner of past battles won and lost, slung across my shoulders as I ride into the Texas sunset...


  1. LMAO here in NY. Yes Mr. Texan, generations made brisket before the white man came to the great state of Texas. I grew up on slow cooked Jewish brisket and love it but have to say if I had to choose between the two I might be forced to go with good 'ol boy brisket. My grandmother might be rolling in her grave but BBQ is probably closest to what Jews started with back when they were making sacrifices at alters..sorry Grandma.

    John, you stick to those Colt 45's and let us mouth off, you got it covered!

  2. Well cowboy John

    Do you really think that the bubbes above (grandmas in heaven) are going to let you get away with this post... heaven forbid,
    my grandmother would scorn you just for your political views and her answer would be to string you upside down by your rocky mountain oysters. As stated, how the heck would a cowboy know what Jewish Brisket is even supposed to taste like, recipe or no recipe, the best of them never even wrote down the ingredients never mind the proportions. Some things are just assimilated over time - thousand of years - thousands of years - before you were a twinkle in your daddy's cowboy boots.

  3. so cowboy will you be bringing some of your awarding winning brisket for chef andrew and I to taste to vegas. Maybe we should do a potluck party on Sunday night - calling all caterers to bring on their best to share with their buddies. - good stuff that travels too.
    hey that's actually a cool ideas...

  4. PS what was the natural conclusion of all your
    brisket bantering

    this jew is confident in the bubbe crown